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The Police States of America

Originally written 20051203

The local police terrorize the residents and visitors. We have a very large police force with very little to do. A local restaurant let a patron drink alcohol to intoxication; 5 police vehicles with at least 7 officers responded; it required two to help the man walk out. Normal activities such as tracking criminals are ignored. They spend most of their time ambushing anybody driving an automobile and demanding money; police sirens are constant background noise in the town.

Yesterday I discovered another move towards the police state.

A neighbor's child was telling us about her day in school. Her third-grade class wrote reports about someone they knew who used drugs. She wrote about a cigarette-smoking friend of the family.

While we are happy the worst drug she has encountered is cigarettes, every adult was concerned about the implications of the assignment. The girl is eight years old. Every student in her class is reporting on possible illegal activities of the adults in her life. These children are now informers for the state.

I have never used an illegal drug. I believe using any of the currently illegal drugs is a form of Darwinism: those weak or unintelligent enough to use drugs lower their ability to survive and reproduce.

Everyone has the right to destroy themselves; no law can prevent it. Laws making drugs illegal increase the value and marketability without reducing the availability. Those laws make control and recovery more difficult. Use is risky because there is no quality control. The American people refuse to obey laws reducing their pleasure, so making drugs illegal does not reduce their appeal. It is difficult to ask for assistance recovering without announcing your own and your associates' criminal activities. These laws hurt society.

The proper method is to have private distribution centers certified to have high-quality drugs. Initial use must be under observation and with education. Anonymity must be preserved; let employers and the health care industry discover who used what and when, and a person's career could be ruined by one case of curiosity. The pharmaceutical industry can work on replacements for the most damaging drugs.

I know someone who "recovered" from addiction to heroin. It is not possible to reduce the addiction, because (he says) the drug gives the best pleasure possible, and anybody who has tried it will want to repeat the experience. Heroin does incredible damage to the body. A replacement that gives the same experience without damaging the body would be an improvement. Any addiction costs something, but the damage of heroin addiction could be reduced to the same level as religion.

The focus of this article is not to change your views on drug use.

This is the United States of America. We have given up many rights in the last decade. Having children inform the state about their parents' activities is a core attribute of a police state. Is our transition away from a free society complete?

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