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Losing the Presidency

Originally written 20081030

The Republican and Democratic political parties are trying to lose the 2008 Presidential election.

(Nothing in this article is intended to influence your vote or indicate mine. Almost all information about the candidates is derived from opinions from people with almost evenly divided stated preferences.)

The United States has problems. The corporate system steals from people. Our service-based industry creates little value. Our last two Presidents have removed many of our rights.

The public does not care about our country's problems. The public cares that:
1. The cost of living is increasing quickly. Gasoline prices are the most noticeable change.
2. Jobs are disappearing. Unemployment is rising quickly.
3. Saving are being lost. The stock market keeps crashing while the banking industry is paying for having stupid policies of the late 1990s.
4. Entertainment is being disrupted. Music supposedly owned is lost when entertainment companies change their policies.

The public may revolt. Neither party wants to be blamed for the end of our current society. Neither party seems to realize that both parties are unlikely to survive a revolution.

The election process started with the Democratic party choosing two candidates unlikely to be elected. Both candidates have characteristics not previously acceptable as Presidents: a woman and a (half, but obviously) black man. The man (Obama) won the Democratic candidacy.

The Republicans chose a standard Presidential candidate (McCain): old white male war hero. The conservative (prejudiced, closed-minded) American public would be very likely to elect this candidate. The Republican candidate learned from the Democrats -- the public prefers a black President more than a female President. So the Republicans chose a female Vice Presidential candidate (Palin).

Friends suggest Palin was a domestic engineer (housewife or homemaker for the "politically incorrect") with the hobby of politics, and that McCain chosen her to gain Alaska's supremely important three electoral votes while upsetting every woman in the country. Another friend suggested that McCain chose her to protect himself from assassination as nobody would want her as President.

Similar issues prompted the selection of the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate. Biden brings Delaware's supremely important three electoral votes. As the first Black President, Obama is extremely likely to be assassinated. Biden is standard Presidential candidate: old white male lawyer. (Democratic candidates are not expected to be war heroes.)

Several people have suggested the election will be based on the Vice Presidential candidates. Few will risk having Palin as President; McCain would be the oldest person to become President so death from old age is a strong possibility. Most assume Obama will be assassinated quickly so Biden will become President. These beliefs are moribund, but good examples of the public's emotional state. (From my very limited information, Obama seems to be a very good person -- the world will be damaged by his loss.)

The platforms are normal. The Democrats want more taxes and welfare. The Republicans want to protect business. The incumbent Republicans must defend the current state while the Democrats plan to change everything.

As usual since television became popular, the winner will be the prettier candidate. (Before television, the winner was usually the taller candidate.) My female friends assure me that Obama is much prettier than McCain.

Television Commercials

I watch little television. The few political commercials I saw were very negative. As specified by law, each commercial contains the candidate's vocal approval. I have no idea if the candidates view the commercials or if the approval is just added by marketers. The approval message is usually at the end -- just when the viewer is completely disgusted (by the negative portrayal of one candidate), the face and voice of the other candidate says, "I approve of everything that disgusted you."

I was amazed by the last commercial. Obama's commercial started with the approval message, before listing the many crimes of his opponent. Obama was not the last face seen after the viewer was encouraged to hate everything. Is this proof that Obama is intelligent? Or did market testing finally discover that the approval-at-the-end commercials were damaging the paying candidate as much as the vilified candidate?

My political Assumptions

The Republican party believes productive people are rare and need to be protected. Unfortunately, the best measure of productivity is income level so the party protects the rich.

The Democratic party believes most of the public needs help from the government. Unfortunately, the best measure of deciding who needs help is income level so the party helps the poor.

The two-party system balances well. While the poor greatly outnumber the rich, they are easily persuaded. The rich are good at persuasion. Very few people understand the issues well enough to know if a vote is to their benefit, never mind learn which candidate votes that way. Most proposed laws have so many provisions that everybody loses when a law is passed. A candidate promising to veto all new laws while repealing as many existing laws as possible would be nice. (I assume this article about Stephen Thomas' Presidential campaign is a joke.)

I believe the current economy is broken. My next book suggests that a major social change redefining a family will be easier than fixing the corporate economy. The book focuses on the migration to a better system while suggesting how businesses can improve. One chapter discusses a self-sufficient federal government, but federal spending is currently ten times the maximum allowed by the system.

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