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Originally written 20081108

This website has a contact form with no validation to encourage feedback by not requiring any personal information. Many responses are form spam. The table below lists the IP Addresses and locations. I assume a bot network is responsible as the same format was used for 30 responses from 23 IP Addresses in 12 countries. The User Agents claimed to be Windows XP except the address that posted four times suggested Mozilla/WindowsXP, Linux, Firefox2/WindowsXP, and Opera/Mac.

One legitimate response about the article "Authors for Boys" was from Concerned Parent. While all fields are optional, the visitor felt entering a bad email address was better etiquette than leaving the field empty. Irony is the IP Address is assigned to a large office where I recently worked; I doubt the visitor knows this website is written by someone likely seen in the hallways or cafeteria. Here is my reply:

I am happy you like my writing and the website. Over 100 new articles are waiting -- almost all related to technology or business. I want to organize better (and move to my new product) before posting them. The plan is to separate technology-related content from other topics. Many articles derive from posts to other websites and mailing lists. A Slashdot article asked for recommendations of books for young boys; I posted that response quickly because people liked it and wanted to refer to it in their blogs. What upset you about the article?

Here is data about recent form spam:
IP Address First/Last Posts Country Region Name City ISP Organization
These contain links formatted:
Text <a href="website1">website1</a>, [url=website2]website2[/url], [link=website3]website3[/link], website4 2008-07-17T21:33:54 1 US Arizona Apache Junction Mediacom Communications Corp Mediacom Communications Corp 2008-09-17T07:38:28 1 TW T'ai-pei Taipei NTT Taiwan Ltd. GMO Hosting&Security, Inc. 2008-11-08T02:31:29 1 US Wisconsin Menomonee Falls Time Warner Telecom Time Warner Telecom 2008-08-03T23:50:27 1 CA Bell Canada Bell Canada 2008-07-24T18:26:05 1 US Texas Round Rock Road Runner Road Runner 2008-07-03T11:29:00 1 GB London London UK2 - Ltd 2008-09-18T20:49:32 1 DE Bayern Gunzenhausen Hetzner Online AG Hetzner Online AG 2008-09-09T01:12:36
2 NL Noord-Holland Amsterdam Ecatel LTD AS29073, Ecatel LTD 2008-08-21T12:07:25
4 NL Noord-Holland Amsterdam Ecatel LTD AS29073, Ecatel LTD 2008-07-26T05:13:50 1 NL Noord-Holland Amsterdam Ecatel LTD AS29073, Ecatel LTD 2008-10-03T17:44:36
3 NL Noord-Holland Amsterdam Ecatel LTD Ecatel LTD 2008-10-19T06:36:46
2 NL Noord-Holland Amsterdam Ecatel LTD Ecatel LTD 2008-07-17T04:31:39 1 TW T'ai-wan Hsinchu CHTD, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Chunghwa Telecom Data Communication Business Group 2008-08-16T04:36:05 1 IN Karnataka Bangalore RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS 2008-08-03T23:40:17 1 KR Seoul-t'ukpyolsi Seoul DACOM-PUBNETPLUS DACOM-PUBNETPLUS 2008-08-01T02:52:13 1 N/A 2008-10-23T05:18:49 1 SA Nashirnet IPv4 Network Nashirnet IPv4 Network 2008-08-03T23:41:26 1 IN Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Pioneer Online Pvt. Ltd. Pioneer Online Pvt. Ltd. 2008-08-06T16:54:32 1 US Virginia Herndon InQuent Technologies NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC 2008-08-01T11:33:25 1 US California Fremont Managed Solutions Group Managed Solutions Group 2008-10-19T05:26:44 1 ES Madrid Madrid SATEC, S.A. Servicios de Hosting en Internet S.A. 2008-10-20T04:09:14 1 A1 RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS 2008-08-03T23:39:57 1 CN Jilin Changchun CNC Group JILIN province network CNC Group JILIN province network
This message did not include links. 2008-09-18T04:41:34 1 KR Seoul-t'ukpyolsi Seoul KRNIC LG DACOM KIDC
This form was empty with User Agent "Qyifrsm ifvndyes olwjfxepz" 2008-08-16T04:36:10 1 US Texas Frisco Layered Technologies Layered Technologies

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