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I use the term "Notes" to mean the Lotus Notes platform, its development environment, the Notes client, and the Domino server. It is customary to refer to browser-based web applications as Domino applications, and applications that use the Notes client as Notes applications. Since most applications today require both interfaces, I will refer to them all as Notes applications, and identify techniques that affect web applications.

I refer to the versions as Notes3, Notes4, Notes4.5, Notes4.6, Notes5, Notes6, Notes6.5, and Notes7. Please translate these to mean "Lotus Notes release x" or "Domino server release 6" appropriately. If I receive a book deal, I will do global replacement to raise my word count.

I dislike using the term "user" to refer to the people who use an application. While using an application should make you feel good and want to do it again, most communities referred to as "users" have other connotations that I prefer to avoid. My preferred word is "consumer". Most transactions have "providers" and "consumers". The terms are always context specific. Some companies provide hardware; everyone else is a consumer. Some people write programs; the people using the programs are consumers. In this book, "consumer" refers to the people who use applications built on the Notes platform, regardless if they are employees, partners, or customers of the company that deployed the application.

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