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Advanced Lenya Development

This chapter contains How-To's that fit on one page so they did not require their own chapters.
Displaying a Map of a Publication is instructions to display a map of your website, and was moved to the "Site Design" chapter.

In This Chapter

ContentsAdvanced Lenya DevelopmentHow-To's that fit on one page so they did not require their own chapters.
Multiple StylesheetsUsing Multiple Stylesheets for the Same ContentExplains how to dynamically change the stylesheet used for a document
Sitemaps & QueryStringsSitemaps & QueryStringsExample of using QueryString parameters in an XMAP. It is the original version of "Using Multiple Stylesheets for the Same Content".
SecuritySecurity - Member's Only SectionsHow to restrict access to areas of your website
Aggregate DirectoriesUsing the XpathDirectory Generator for Aggregating Multiple FilesHow to use the XpathDirectory Generator to combine many documents into a single page.
External IntegrationIntegrating external data into LenyaHow to pull data from another server and integrate it into your Lenya website
DeepestSourceFactoryDeepestSourceFactoryA Cocoon SourceFactory for finding the deepest directory on the specified path with the specified filename.

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