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Most of this website is about how to work around various quirks of Lenya. This page is stuff I noticed but am not bothering to find a workaround.

Mozilla displays cached documents differently than generated documents

When a page is generated, it starts with:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

That line does not appear in the cached version, and is not sent when the cache is used. It has no effect on MSIE6. Mozilla adds extra space to TABLEs differently depending on whether that line is present. Huh? Anyway, for our homepage, I like it better when that line is present, but I am not wasting time trying to correct the writing-to-cache process. Most people (almost 90%) use MSIE, and it does not look bad, just different.

Non-breaking Text

Another browser difference is handling long lines of text without breaks. This website has much code for XMAPs, and needed formatting to keep the TABLEs from becoming very wide. It would be much easier if browsers allowed line breaks after slashes.

ignores the word break tag <WBR> unless it is within a "no breaks" tag <NOBR>
optionally breaks after a hyphen.
optionally breaks after a soft hyphen &#173; and displays a hyphen at the break. If the text is copied, all the soft hyphens are converted to hyphens

<WBR> allows optional word break, but ignores the tag if within a "no breaks" tag <NOBR>.
shows hyphens but does not break on them.
completely ignores the soft hyphen &173; If the text is copied, all the soft hyphens are converted to hyphens

The soft hyphens are useless because I want people to be able to copy the code without hyphens being added.
<WBR> is useful for Mozilla, except when it is useful for MSIE.
Luckily there is a MSIE property that is ignored by Mozilla:
word-wrap: break-word;
This tells MSIE to break at the end of the line. So using:

Mozilla line-breaks at whitespace, then at <WBR>.
MSIE line-breaks at spaces, then at hyphens, then at the end of the line even in the middle of a "word".

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