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My Buzilla Entries for Apache Lenya

This is where I document my bugzilla entries when I remember.

Resolved Bugzillas

20050619 Images should use Title in ALT parameter

20050527 [Patch] Default pub does not use i18n

20050702 Search buttons not using i18n
This was my fault. Someone was nice enough to write me about it. On June 23, they wrote to me directly, and Gmail put their memo in the Spam folder. I did not notice it until July 1. If they had written to the Lenya mailing lists, it would have been fixed before Lenya 1.2.4 was released.

200500803 Security
Lenya's homepage promises: "The access control allows you to restrict access to parts of your site to members of a group or individuals."
I created specifications for how Lenya's security should work. The resolution was different.

Unresolved Bugzillas

20050602 Easy addition of Assets in Content Editors
The current process is very confusing and time-consuming, but it may need to fixed by the editor developers.

20050602 [Kupu] Improve editing of TABLEs
Can this be handled by Lenya? Or wait for the Kupu devs to improve it?

20050602 CMS GUI Usability needs a review
I may rewrite the CMS GUI myself. I cannot believe anybody likes the current version.

20050602 All configuration files should be editable through the GUI
I expect everybody wants this, but it will take some time.

20050607 Lenya homepage should have one-click "Download Lenya for Windows"
It has improved, but still requires 2 clicks.

20050610 Check Xalan libraries during install/boot
Includes Pseudocode. This would solve a major issue for newbies, and help gurus when they install software with conflicting Xalan libraries. It should be configureable so it can be turned off when an installation uses a different library.

20050618 Disable caching if loggedIn or has querystring
The default publication has the cache disabled in Lenya1.2.4. This bugzilla entry (and this website) have a much better solution.

20050718 Installation should set user
Most people install or build Lenya as root, and then it will not run because the files are owned by root, not the expected user. I mentioned this in my first post to the User ML. There was a complaint about it today referring to 1.4, so it is still annoying newbies.

20050917 Search results navigation does not work below top-level
Fixed a bug in Search results. It was my mistake, so it does not really belong on a page called "Glory".

20050925 Search difficulties with non-English characters
I created the bugzilla, but the work was done by others.

20050917 StringIndexOutOfBounds in Search
Check the bounds for substring() in Search results. This mistake was in code I wrote, so it does not really belong on a page called "Glory". I must have written that code before sunset. Usually my code looks like:
x = 1;
if(1 == x) doSomthing();

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