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Set Title for New Documents

By default, when a new document is created:
- Subject must be entered on the Form
- Title is garbage.
- Description is filled with a reminder this is the description that search engines might use.

Use the "Navigation Title" for "Subject" and "Title"

FILE: {pub}\config\tasks\targets.xml
<target name="create">
<xslt in="${document.file}"
<param name="title" expression="${create.title}"/>
<param name="creator" expression="${create.creator}"/>
<param name="subject" expression="${create.subject}"/>
<param name="description" expression="${create.description}"/>
<param name="language" expression="${create.language}"/>
<param name="publisher" expression="${create.publisher}"/>
<param name="date" expression="${}"/>
<param name="rights" expression="${create.rights}"/>
<param name="columns" expression="${create.columns}"/>
<move file="${temp.file}" tofile="${document.file}"/>

Replace this section:
<param name="title" expression="${create.child-name}"/>
<param name="creator" expression="${create.creator}"/>
<param name="subject" expression="${create.child-name}"/>
<param name="description" expression=" "/>

Description must contain a space. If description is empty, the default sentence is used.

Remove Subject from "New Document" Form

FILE: {pub}\lenya\xslt\authoring\create.xsl
<td class="lenya-entry-caption">
<input class="lenya-form-element" type="text" name="properties.create.subject"/>

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