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Site Design

This chapter is about general issues with designing Lenya websites and creating various menus.

In This Chapter

ContentsSite DesignGeneral issues with designing Lenya websites and creating various menus
Site StructureDesigning the Structure of a WebsiteExplains translating those pesky specifications into a functional website
Static PagesStatic PagesExplains having webpages that are not on the menus
External LinksExternal Links in the MenusHow to add menu entries that open a page from an external website.
Dynamic Webpages
(Fixing Cache)
Disabling Caching for Dynamic WebpagesExplains efficiently using the cache for standard pages while disabling it so dynamic pages display correctly. This is very important!
Website MapDisplaying a Map of a Publication Instructions to display a basic map of your website.
Website Map with DescriptionsDisplaying a Map of a Publication including the Document Descriptions Instructions to display an advanced map of your website.
Link to ParentCreating a Link to the Parent of the Current DocumentExplains using the breadcrumb navigation to create a link to the parent document
Menu: Top-LevelTopLevel Menu
Menu: Section Section MenuExplains displaying the menu of all documents below the top-level document where this document belongs.
Menu: Subpages Subpages MenuExplains displaying a menu of just the children of this page (no grandchildren).
Menu: InternalAdding a Menu of the Header tags within a DocumentExplains displaying a menu of all the header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) on this document
Menu: External LinksMenu Entries Linking to External Websites
Menu Entries without DocumentsMenu Elements Not Displaying a DocumentIdeas about not opening a document when clicking on a menu entry. There is no code.
Menu GraphicsAdding Graphics to MenusExplains adding a graphic to the top-level menu entries.
Tabs: All LevelsMultiple Levels of TabsNavigation Element for showing multiple levels of tabs to the current document

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