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Definition of a Document

Document = related information maintained together.

Related information = Different subjects require separate documents. Content and information about the content is kept together.  Content could be many fields describing one  item: name, identifier, price, quantity in stock.  A document can include information retrieved from other systems.

Maintained together = Security and workflow must be the same for all information in a document.  A webpage with sections controlled by
separate groups of people should be multiple documents because each section has different security requirements.  The same applies if
sections require different workflow.  The information in a document is stored together: one file for the normal repository, accessible as one
entry with the new repository.

A document is purely about maintenance.  Informational display is handled by the application, and can be a subset of the document (most
websites hide revision information) or a set of several documents (a page displaying several blog documents, or a catalog of items.)

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