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This chapter is about Lenya/Cocoon's process for controlling Flow.

Flow is Lenya's method for passing control of the pipeline from the XMAP to a JavaScript function.
Specify where your JavaScript functions are by adding a Flow section, usually placed directly before the resources.
<map:flow language="javascript">
<map:script src="flow/myJavaScript.js"/>

Transfer control in a pipeline:
<map:call function="doSomething">
<map:parameter name="requestURI" value="{request:requestURI}"/>

Parameters are optional.

function doSomething(){
var requrl = cocoon.parameters["requestURI"]; // Get parameter sent from the XMAP
cocoon.sendPage("return-page"); // Return control to a pipeline in the current XMAP.

In This Chapter

ContentsFlowIntroduction to Flow
DefinitionFlowFlow Basics
SetupFlow SetupBasic elements of Flow
Flow ProcessFlow ProcessElements required for Flow and order of operations
LanguageFixing Language in Flow
FieldsFlow Fields
PresentationFlow Presentation
i18n MessagesMessages do not use i18n
i18n Validation PopupsValidation Popups do not use i18nFixing Cocoon's Forms block to use i18n for error messages
XMAPs and XMLPassing XML between XMAPs and Flow
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