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My contributions to Apache Lenya

When I first started with Apache Lenya, I became active on the Mailing Lists. I was careful (or lucky) enough to make very few foolish comments. A few months later, I was added to the credits. I got excited and decided to see what impact I made on Lenya, so I made this page.

On September 5, 2004, I received an "Invitation to become a committer". We exchanged a few emails where I stated I would love to be a Committer, but I thought they were crazy because I had never SVN's Lenya and my big claim to fame for Lenya was making Search work on Windows, which I only did because nobody had told me it was impossible. (My patches were based on XSL and decompiled Java.) They said everything was fine, and continued to make me a Committer. The official announcement I was a Committer was on November 29, 2005:
"Paul is very active on both mailing lists since May, sends in patches on a regular basis and provides tutorials and how to's to the list."

As a Committer, I will not note any additional credit for my contributions as an individual. You can blame me for every bug in Lenya, because I have the ability to fix them. Welcome to Lenya.

I was added to CREDITS.TXT on 20050626:
* Paul Ercolino (solprovider) Refactored search, various small fixes


These are my entries from History of Changes up to the tagging of Lenya 1.2.4.

20050626: Added Paul Ercolino to credits for 1.2.4 and 1.4.

20050625: Added search usecase to default publication. Thanks to Paul Ercolino, this makes searching work out of the box on Windows for the first time.

20050625: I reported bugs solved by:
- Explicitly set alt tags for images, and title for assets. This resolves
- Made sure that all batch files have their executable bit set.

20050618 read from cache disabled
I submitted a bugzilla patch so this was not necessary, but it has been ignored.

20050611 I identified where the error was for:
Avoid StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in crawler configuration. Patch by Michael Wohlfahrt, this resolves

20050603: Changed i18n to take the language of the document into account, not the request language. Patch by Paul Ercolino. This resolves

20050524: Clarified the Tomcat versions Lenya runs on in the install instructions
We were working on the phrasing on the mailing list when my original (and wrong) example was committed.

20050515 [Docs] Added Paul Ercolino's external data how-to. Added Paul Ercolino's search how-to.

20050515 Made sure that linefeeds in batch files are windows-style. Thanks to Paul Ercolino for the hint.

My bugzilla entries have been moved to the next page.

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