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i18n Translation Files Priority

Lenya 1.2.2 defaults to checking the global language file first, then checking for entries in the publication's language file. This article instructs how to give priority to the the publication's language files.

This is a server-wide change. Lenya does not use fallback for catalogue.xsp. It would be much work to add fallback so each publication can decide whether the local files should have priority over the global files.

FILE: C:\apache-lenya-1.2.2\build\lenya\webapp\lenya\resources\i18n\catalogue.xsp
There are two sections. The code to load the publication file is:
final Source pubCatalogue = resolver.resolveURI(parameters.getParameter("pub-catalogue-location", "null") + parameters.getParameter("catalogue-file", "null"));

<xi:include >
<xsp:attribute name="href"><xsp:expr>pubCatalogue.getURI()</xsp:expr>#xpointer(//message)</xsp:attribute>

The code to load the global file is:
<xi:include >
<xsp:attribute name="href"><xsp:expr>parameters.getParameter("catalogue-file", "null")</xsp:expr>#xpointer(//message)</xsp:attribute>

To fix the issue, move the global code before the publication code.

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