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Installation Notes

There seems to be difficulty during the packaging process causing files to be in the wrong format for the target operating system, and files are assigned the wrong permissions.

MS Windows

If using MSWindows, the file "build.bat" shipped with the Windows installer may not be readable by Windows. Open the file using WordPad (not Notepad) and click Save to fix the line-breaks.

There is no method of shutting down Lenya cleanly. The usual method is to close the window (crashing Lenya.) The better method is to start Lenya with:
LENYA.BAT servlet-admin
Then you can shutdown using:

Lenya will never notice that it has run before, and will always show an error that lenya.war does not exist, so this is probably pointless.


If using Linux, you may see the error "bad interpreter: Permission denied". There are two possible causes:
1. The batch files are not executable. Fix it with:
chmod +x *.sh

2. The batch files are in MS-DOS format. Fix them with:
dos2unix *.sh

After installing or reinstalling Lenya, check the owner. I typically install as "root", but Lenya runs under a different username. Fix with:
chown -R owner:group lenyaDirectory
Most errors after working directly on the file system are fixed with this. Copying a file while root will change its owner. (I copied sitetree.xml from authoring to live, and could not add a new document until I did this again.)

j2sdk1.4.2_06 makes Tomcat crash often. j2sdk1.4.2_08 works.

Session Timeout

The default is very low.

FILE: WEB-INF/web.xml
ADD (just before the first mime-mapping near the end):
<!-- Timeout -->

The number is in minutes. Set it too high and Lenya will not start.

Default Publication

The default publication comes with Documents that have not been published.  You must publish them yourself. You cannot publish them all at once using the CMS CUI. It takes many clicks to publish each Document.

To publish a Document, open the Site or Authoring tab of the CMS GUI, then:
Click #1: Choose the Workflow menu.
Click #2: Choose Submit.
Another Page will open.
Click #3: on the Submit button.
Returns to Authoring Page.
Click #4: Choose the Workflow menu.
Click #5: Choose Publish.
Another Page will open.
Click #6: on the Submit button.
Click #7: choose another Document and return to #1.

If you get bored with that, and have access to the file system, you can overwrite the {pub}/content/live directory from the {pub}/content/authoring directory (including all subdirectories).

Kupu Editor

If the editor freezes the browser when attempting to close, check your proxy settings.
FILE: {pub}/config/publication.xconf
It should look like:
<proxy area="authoring" ssl="false" url=""/>
The URL is the complete path to the authoring section before proxying.

If the editor displays the Lenya logo instead of the titles of each section.
FILE: /build/lenya/webapp/lenya/resources/kupu/apache-lenya/lenya/kupumacros.xsl
<xsl:template match="xhtml:h1[1]">
<xsl:template match="xhtml:h1[@id='kuputitlesection']">

FILE: /build/lenya/webapp/lenya/resources/kupu/apache-lenya/kupu/kupumacros.html
(right after <body>)
<h1 id="kuputitlesection"/>

One of:
ignores the [1] to mean "only the first element".

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