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Content Editing with Kupu

Eventually the website will be used. Either you will tire of adding functionality, or your employer will demand visible working results. So you tell the people who will be entering the actual information how to access your Lenya website.

Oops. That is a BAD idea. Because they are expecting to be able to format the content. And add images. And add links to other pages, and PDFs and other files, and even other parts of the same page.

And Lenya 1.2.2 does not do any of that well.

There is a button for centering text. It looks just like the one in MS Word and every other program. They click the button, and the text or picture centers. There is also a button for "justify right". They might try that one too, and it appears to work. Then they click "Save", and all their centering and right-justifying disappears!

This section is about fixing the bugs and annoyances in the Kupu editor.

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ContentsContent Editing with Kupu
CachingBrowser Cache Issues with Kupu
AlignmentFixing Alignment and More
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer Adds the Full Path to the URL

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