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The Language page has been separated into many pages, and two pages have moved to other chapters:
"New Document" Creates All Language Versions is in the "CMS GUI" chapter.
Fixing Language in Flow is in the "Flow" chapter.

In This Chapter

ContentsLanguageControlling Multiple Langauges in Apache Lenya 1.2
ProblemsProblemsWhere Lenya discards visitor's language choice
Initial LanguageInitial Language for VisitorsLenya defaults to using the default languages for publications. This explains how to check a visitor's browser setting to choose the language for the homepage.
Visitors' ChoiceLetting Visitors Change LanguagesThis explains how to let visitors choose the language.
Setting Visitor LanguageUsing Visitors' Language Choice for i18nLenya uses the visitor's browser setting for i18n. This explains how to use the visitor's choice of language for everything.
Consistent URLsAlways use Language for Consistent URLsForces the default language in navigation links
XMAP i18nUsing i18n Transformations in XMAPsThe Default publication uses i18n only for error messages. This explains how to add i18n to any XMAP, and specifically where to add it for the Default publication so i18n is used for content and navigation.
i18n FilesLanguage Translation Files for i18nThis explains where the translation files are located, and how Lenya decides which files to use.
i18n File Priorityi18n Translation Files PriorityLenya uses the global translation files, and only checks a publication's translation files if the key was not found in the global files. This explains how to give priority to the publication's translation files.
i18n TranslationLanguage Translation using i18nThis explains how to use the <i18n:text> tags. It is a very good practice to use them everywhere (except where visitors choose their language.)
i18n VariablesUsing Variables with i18n

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