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Menu Elements Not Displaying a Document

Sorry. No solution here. The design is below, but I have not implemented it yet. uses the first suggestion of requests for a top-level menu entry automatically opening the first child, but it is not running on Lenya.

Design and Decisions

You need documents for the top-level pages, so they show in the Navigation. Then decide how you want to hide them:

1. Create the top-level pages so they redirect to "page 1". You could handle this:
- Using HTML (META tag) or JS in your XSL. Add a Navigation Element that contains the URL of the first child.
- Use the XMAP: If the path is for the top-level and not the homepage, then open the first child. It would be easy if the first child always has the same docID (such as "page1"). Otherwise you need something that returns the docID of the first child.

2. Write dynamic code that opens the top-level menus without opening the page. You'll need a Navigation Element that always creates DIVs for the top two levels in the menu. Then add JS so the top-level items change the DIV's visibility without refreshing the page. Also choose one:
- All the top-level pages say "Sorry, you should not have accessed this page."
- The XMAP redirect requests for a top-level page to a "Sorry" page.
- Something redirects requests for a top-level page to the first page as in #1.

3. Rewrite Lenya so "Menu-only" pages are possible. (And please contribute it.)

If my suggestions for Lenya 1.4 using JCR are implemented, adding "Menu-only" documents should be simple.

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