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Becoming a Committer

The history of my becoming a Committer is on the Glory page. This page is what happened next, with instructions for the next person.

I waited over a month wondering why my login always returned "Access Denied". The Apache documentation for new Committers does not make clear that SSH2 must be used. I was using Putty on MSWindows, which defaults to SSH1. Make certain your SSH Client is set to use version 2. The usual option of "1,2" will not work because the Apache servers do accept SSH1 sessions if PKI is already set up, which requires using SSH2 to set it up.

Login to
Run passwd to change the password from that unmemorizable string Apache sent you. Do change it to something long and hard to crack. Your login allows changing your project's website, and that is a prize for the immature idiots who disface websites.

Fix bash. The following lines enable color in your terminal sessions, and change the prompt to show the current directory. They take effect the next time you login.
vi .profile
PS1='\w$ '; export PS1

The next step will be to use SVN to download Lenya. Stay tuned.

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