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Creating Publications

This is where I will hide information about creating new publications. The usual method is to copy the pubs/default (or your own already customized pub's) directory, and then modify the contents. This is only about the changes required because a publication's directory name has changed. Changes such as fixing the cache are assumed to be done as needed or in your master publication.

The FIRST modification is the security:
FILE: {pub}\config\ac\ac.xconf

The full paths to the "ac" directories are hardcoded there, so your pub may be using the security from the "default" pub (or whatever pub you copied), even though your modifications (adding users and Groups) are stored in the current publication. That file should really use relative paths. It is painful to need to remember to change it every time a publication's directory name changes, such as making copies for testing.

Also change the name of the Publication:
FILE: {pub}/publication.xml
<lenya:name>My Publication</lenya:name>

That is used on Lenya's default welcome page. You probably do not allow access to it in production, but it can be useful while testing if all the entries are not "Tutorial" (the name of the default publication).

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