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Solprovider's Search Publication

Welcome to Solprovider's Search Publication. This is an alternative to the default Lenya methods for Lenya 1.2.2 and Lenya 1.2.3, and was integrated with the default publication for Lenya 1.2.4. The biggest difference from the older functionality is this version does not use the crawler.

Adjusting the filepaths appropriately, this has been tested with:
- Lenya 1.2.2/Cocoon 2.1.6 and Lenya 1.2.3/Cocoon 2.17
- Jetty (from both Lenyas) and Tomcat 5.0.28
- MSWindows, Linux, FreeBSD.

One user has reported that the Lenya 1.2.4 Search did not work on Tomcat until using the Easy Download. (I have not looked at Lenya 1.2.4.)


The Easy Download always contains the latest fixes.
20051015: Changed search.xml for better XHTML 1.0 STRICT validation.
20051012: Fixed bug in search-and-results.xsp with StringIndexOutOfBounds error.
20050925: Fixed bug in search-and-results.xsp with non-English searches.
20050917: Fixed bug with navigation. usecase-search.xmap: 3 lines for breadcrumb, tabs, menu. Change "/index" to "{page-envelope:document-url}".
20050825: Fixed security bug in search-and-results.xsp to reset credentials for each request. The bug allowed restricted content to be in the results for visitors who had not logged in after a registered visitor used Search. Also updated the usecase-search.xmap with this fix.
20050702: Added i18n to Search buttons in search.xsl and search-and-results.xsl.
20050625: Gregor posted on the Dev ML that this will be the search functionality for the default publication in Lenya 1.2.4!
20050622: Created "Easy Download"
20050622: Updated search-and-results.xsl. Changed DIV to be xhtml:div. The last version left the results area blank.
20050622: Major revision to this section of the website.
20050621: Updated search-and-results.xsl to use i18n.
20050616: The file usecase-search.xmap was changed to fix the filepaths to the XSL files. The old version returned "Error executing pipeline".
20050616: Added {page-envelope:context-prefix} to the "root" variable in usecase-search.xmap[</A>]. Fixes CSS and other URLs in the results page when not running with the default context.

In This Chapter

ContentsSolprovider's Search Publication
PurposePurpose of Solprovider's Search PublicationDescribes all the functional changes from the defaults and why
IssuesOutstanding Issues and Future DevelopmentDescribes known issues with the new method
Easy DownloadEasy Download of Solprovider's Search PublicationAll the files in a ZIP with instructions
LinuxSearching Publications on Unix-like Operating SystemsConcerns when using these instructions for Linux
WindowsSearching Publications on WindowsThe full detailed instructions
SecurityBlocking default searchRequired if you are using a secured area
TestingTesting SearchReturns the raw XML from a Search. It is useful to debug modifications to search-and-results.xsp

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