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Outstanding Issues and Future Development

This version of Search has a few unresolved issues:

1. File locking: Is this a Lucene issue?  Lenya had to be shutdown before recreating the index on MSWindows.  There are no problems on Linux.  Do incremental updates handle this better?

2. Scheduling:  I plan to use cron on Linux, but I haven't tested it yet.  The scheduler should be integral to Lenya.

3. Custom doctypes:  Since it indexes the XML directly, customization for non-standard documents requires instructions.  The instructions were not needed when everything was translated to HTML before indexing.

Future development

1. Security should read from a configuration file.  It is easy to add reading a file to search-and-results.xsp, but that configuration file should also be used for preventing protected pages from displaying, and removing items from the menus.  I implemented this with XSL, but Lenya should handle security automatically.

2. Rather than scheduling the updates, they should be triggered from the CMS GUI when documents are changed, with a delay so the indexer does not run while the site is being heavily updated.

3. Default Language is hardcoded to "en". This is a minor issue if the search URLs include the language field:
The default language is set in search-and-results.xsp:
if(language.length() == 0) language = "en";
usecase-search.xmap should pass the default and/or current languages, and this line changed to use one of them.

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