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Purpose of Solprovider's Search Publication

THIS METHOD DOES NOT USE THE CRAWLER! See #1 under "Changes from Lenya's defaults"

Solprovider's Search Publication has 4 goals:
1. Complete instructions for indexing on Windows, with additional notes for reproducing on Linux.
2. Display search results using the publication's layout rather than the global layout.
3. Filter out a Member's Only area from the results.
4. Fix poor design decisions and bugs.

Changes from Lenya's defaults

1. Index live XML files.
- The standard method crawls the site, putting the results into the "htdocs_dump" directory. The index is built from there. The index will not include documents not accessible from the start page, such as Members' Only sections. The index also include navigation menus.
- Using the XML files indexes all content, whether accessible or not, and does not index the site architecture. If a visitor searches on "search", they should receive documents including the word "search", not every page with the search function (which should be every page in a well-designed website).
- The index still includes everything in a document including header information such as author. It is easy to limit the index to the content body, but that could cause complications when using non-standard Lenya documents (Custom DocTypes/Resource Types). If Custom Doctypes are used, modify searchfixer.xsl (see below). Custom Doctypes were not tested with this configuration.

2. Remove "Members' Only" documents if not authorized. Visitors must be logged in and in one of the specified Goups. It is the reverse of the current Lenya security, since deep URLs must pass the test for all parents. Example: /employees/programmers must pass tests for both the "/employees" and "/employees/programmers" sections.

3. Add language to the index.
4. Limit initial search to current language.
5. Search page: Remove choice of publications.
(This is a design decision. One publication = one website. With protected areas, there should be no need for multiple publications.)
6. Search page: Filter by chosen languages.
7. Default to search "Content", not "Title".
8. Increase the default results per page from 3 to 10.

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