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How to Format "sitetree.xml" for Humans

Lenya (and most XML software) writes XML files for use by computers. When there are problems, a human being (probably you) can try to read the files, but:
- There are either many empty lines, or everything runs together on one line, and
- Indentation is not used, and
- The tags are not in a logical order

"sitetree.xml" is a very useful files for humans to read and fix. It contains the document structure with the navigation title in each language for each document. Many issues can be corrected in these files, but the formatting is very difficult to read.

These instrunctions reformat the sitetree.xml files for the "live" and "authoring" areas. It does not overwrite the original files; you must do that manually. The new files should contain exactly the same information as the originals, but formatted for humans. The changes are:
- Everything is indented properly.
- Labels are moved before Nodes.
- Labels are sorted by language.


Download these two files to your {pub} directory (with publication-sitemap.xmap).

Then open your publication in a browser, and add:
to the address. You can ignore the results.

Two files will be created:

Rename sitetree.xml as a backup, then rename sitetreefixed.xml to sitetree.xml.

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