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How to Refresh "sitetree.xml" from the file system

This adds any missing documents in Lenya 1.2's file system document storage to the sitetree.xml in the appropriate "area".



Unzip in {pub}/modules to create {pub}/modules/sitetree2 directory with 11 files (including this README.)

If using Lenya 1.2, move "usecase-sitetree2.xmap" to the {pub} directory.


(Lenya 1.2)
Add a querystring to any URL in the publication:

(Lenya 1.3)

Requesting the URL will display the corrected sitetree.xml.
It saves the corrected file as "sitetreefixed2.xml" in the appropriate directory:

Rename the appropriate file to "sitetree.xml" (after renaming the original file as a backup.)
Clear the cache to refresh all navigation.

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