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Apache Lenya Documentation

Apache Lenya is a Content Management System. That means it is software to manage content. Great! What that means to you is it is web server that allows:
1. Content to be created and maintained using a web browser.
2. Administration of users using a web browser.
3. Formatting of web browser display using XSL.
4. Development of new features using XML, XSL, XSP, JavaScript, and Java.

This section explains Lenya, how to use it, and how to enhance it. This section complements the Lenya website and the Lenya Wiki; information that can be found on either site will not be reproduced here unless I can add significant value. Early articles serve as a tutorial and reference; later articles explain how to create specific enhancements. The "Suggestions" chapter contains my specifications for Lenya 1.5, if I cannot convince the other Committers to follow my design for Lenya 1.4.

All instructions are based on Apache Lenya 1.2.2 unless noted otherwise, and should work on MSWindows and Linux. My current customers are using 1.2.2. I have patched, developed applications, and tested everything they need with Lenya 1.2.2, so we are not upgrading until there are killer features making the process worthwhile.

Lenya 1.2.4 is the current production version. It includes my version of Search! And my name is in CREDITS.TXT:
Paul Ercolino (solprovider) Refactored search, various small fixes

Lenya 1.4 is the next major revision of Lenya. Development is steady, but there is no planned release date.

The offical Lenya website has copied several pages from this site. I was asked and gave permission allowing them to reproduce any Lenya-related material from this site. I am now a Lenya Committer. I could upload this entire website, but I am often critical of the design, so having an unofficial website is useful. It is also much easier for me to edit this site than the official documentation.

Please send all comments to the Lenya User Mailing List: user AT

Please use the contact form for all requests to pay for my services.


Basics is about installing Lenya.
Basics describes how Lenya works.
Language describes how to make Lenya's handling of multiple langauges sane.
Site Design is about translating specifications into a website, plus how to create a variety of navigation elements.
Advanced are HowTo's that did not fit somewhere else.
Search is how to fix Lenya's Search.
Flow describes how to create web Forms and process them using JavaScript.
CMS GUI is issues with the Administration screens.
Kupu is issues with the Kupu Editor.
Suggestions is my design plans for Lenya 1.5.
Other is various complaints and documentation about related technologies. Some of this will be moved to the new Documentation section soon.

In This Chapter

WelcomeApache Lenya DocumentationHomepage
GloryMy contributions to Apache LenyaMy contributions to Apache Lenya before I became a Committer
My BugzillaMy Buzilla Entries for Apache LenyaMy Buzilla Entries for Apache Lenya
CommitterBecoming a CommitterWhat happens after becoming a Committer
AccessibilityAmerican with Disabilities Act Section 508 ComplianceAmerican with Disabilities Act Section 508 Compliance
InstallationInstallation NotesA few notes about installation problems.
Linux serviceJetty as a Linux serviceHow to automatically launch Lenya on Jetty using init.d.
ProxyingProxying Jetty behind Apache httpdProxying Jetty behind Apache httpd
PublicationsCreating PublicationsNotes about fixing Publications created by file system copying
Publish AllPublishing Multiple DocumentsPublishing Multiple Documents
Format sitetree.xmlHow to Format "sitetree.xml" for HumansA tool to format SITETREE.XML for human beings
Refresh sitetree.xmlHow to Refresh "sitetree.xml" from the file systemA tool to refresh SITETREE.XML
XSLT DocumenterTool for Creating Documentation for XSLTTool for Creating Documentation for XSLT

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