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Specifications for Lenya 1.5

This chapter is about improving Lenya. The first six pages are my current cohesive design. The rest are articles that are either being integrated into the main design soon, or documenting how the ideas were generated.

In This Chapter

ContentsSpecifications for Lenya 1.5Solprovider's Suggestions for Lenya 1.5
DesignNew Design of LenyaPlans for Lenya 1.5
Terminology RulesRules for TerminologyGuidelines for creating terms
GlossaryGlossarySolprovider's Definitions for Lenya 1.2 and 1.4 (or 1.5)
ProtocolsProtocolsNew protocol list for use with JCR and Modules
ModulesModulesList of Modules needed for Lenya 1.5
RelationsTableRelationsTableMaintaining Parent-Child Relationships outside Resources
IndexesIndexesHow Indexes Work
Notes: Dev ML 1Developer Mailing List 1Notes from recent ML posts that did not fit in the Glossary
Notes: Dev ML 2Developer Mailing List 2More from Recent Posts to the MLs about the Glossary
Notes: Dev ML 3Developer Mailing List 3Even More from Recent Posts to the MLs about the Glossary
Old: Content StructureRestructuring Lenya
Old: AreaImprovement: Use Area for XMAP
Old: AssetsImprovement: Asset Management and Usage should be User-Friendly
Old: URL and Directory PathsImprovement: URL and Directory Paths
Unsolved IssuesUnsolved IssuesMy wishlist

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