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Improvement: URL and Directory Paths

There should be an easy method for adjusting all the start of all paths globally.
ContainerVisible pathLenya path
Standard Jetty/pub/area/docpath.html/pub/area/docpath.html
Jetty behind Apache rewrites/docpath.html/pub/area/docpath.html
Tomcat behind Apache rewrites/docpath.html/lenya/pub/area/docpath.html

Moving a publication between systems requires manually changing $root in several places in every XMAP to fix the menus, form returns, and images.

I would like a global variable kept in publication.xconf for "Start of URL Path" to be used in every XMAP:
It should be available as:
so it can be passed to XSLs.
The <proxy area="live" url="something"> almost does this, but it is not universal, and not available as a variable.

There should also be easy-to-configure directory paths for content and security. The publication is at:
The content could be stored outside lenya at:
The security could be stored at:
The contents of ac.xconf should be moved into publication.xconf, and should default to using relative paths.

This would allow full separation of function and data. It would allow the contents to be shared by multiple publications. It would allow the security to be shared by multiple publications.

Once that is implemented, it might be possible to import one publication within another. This may be difficult with the current sitemap.xml, but would be useful for large installations. If the sitemap.xml files imported lower sitemap.xml files, redirection could create a publication that used subdirectories from several other publications.

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