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Unsolved Issues

This is the list of functions and fixes I am developing or praying someone else will solve. This list changes constantly. Hopefully because solutions are found, but also because every attempt to use Lenya, and every conversation with the content editor/publisher, find many holes in the program.

Easy editing of sitetree.xml (and save formatted: indents = 3 spaces. Labels before other nodes.) I started this, but never finished testing it. Some of it became the SitetreeFixer.

"Publish everything" button.
Ability to mark current version as Draft so excluded from "Publish everything".
List of pages needing approval.

Reindex for Search after document Save plus delay

Revisions: Name old versions.
Revisions: "View" link shows old version.

Kupu: Better table editing
Kupu: Adding Named Anchors for links to specific parts of documents. (Automatic labelling of H tags?)
Kupu: Adding styles to the choices using GUI.
Kupu: Adding Assets (Graphics, PDFs, etc.) from editor.
Kupu: Show list of assets by name.
(The last 2 were in a demo of Kupu on the web, but the UI was awful.)
Most of this will be easy to fix with Lenya 1.5.

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