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Tool for Creating Documentation for XSLT

This tool documents the XSLT files in the {pub}/xslt directory. It shows all imports, parameters, variables, and templates. Each template shows what templates are called. Comments appear in context.


1. Download
2. Unzip in your publication directory (where publication-sitemap.xmap is located.)
3. Open your publication in your favorite web browser. Add the following to the end of the address:

Comments are green. Hopefully the rest is obvious.


CSS would help the formatting. This may be added someday.

The original design was for a single page to display all the files. The XpathDirectory Generator includes all the namespace declarations from all the xsl:stylesheet tags in the XSL files, and Cocoon's map:transform cannot handle duplicate namespace declarations. A better tool would merge the XSL files using Java or XSP.

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