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WelcomeApache Lenya DocumentationHomepage
GloryMy contributions to Apache LenyaMy contributions to Apache Lenya before I became a Committer
My BugzillaMy Buzilla Entries for Apache LenyaMy Buzilla Entries for Apache Lenya
CommitterBecoming a CommitterWhat happens after becoming a Committer
AccessibilityAmerican with Disabilities Act Section 508 ComplianceAmerican with Disabilities Act Section 508 Compliance
InstallationInstallation NotesA few notes about installation problems.
Linux serviceJetty as a Linux serviceHow to automatically launch Lenya on Jetty using init.d.
ProxyingProxying Jetty behind Apache httpdProxying Jetty behind Apache httpd
PublicationsCreating PublicationsNotes about fixing Publications created by file system copying
Publish AllPublishing Multiple DocumentsPublishing Multiple Documents
Format sitetree.xmlHow to Format "sitetree.xml" for HumansA tool to format SITETREE.XML for human beings
Refresh sitetree.xmlHow to Refresh "sitetree.xml" from the file systemA tool to refresh SITETREE.XML
XSLT DocumenterTool for Creating Documentation for XSLTTool for Creating Documentation for XSLT
ContentsBasicsChapter Menu for Basic Concepts of Apache Lenya
DocumentDefinition of a Document
XMAPs (Sitemaps)Useful Commands for XMAPsDescribes the tags used in XMAPs for creating pipelines
NestingNested Pipelines
BreakpointsViews: Setting Breakpoints in PipelinesHow to use Views for debugging pipelines
Usecase SitemapsUsecase SitemapsThe best method to add functionality to a Lenya publication.
Lenya ProcessLenya Process for Displaying DocumentsStep by step description of how Lenya processes a request using the XMAP (Sitemap) files.
DocTypesDefinition of DocTypesExplains what Lenya uses for determining how a document is displayed.
UsageHow to pass variables from XMAPs to XSL files.
CommonMost Common and Useful VariablesDescribes many of the variables available in XMAPs
LenyaLenya VariablesVariables added by Lenya Input Modules
CocoonCocoon VariablesUnfinished
RequestRequestAll the Java functions of the "Request" Object
ContentsLanguageControlling Multiple Langauges in Apache Lenya 1.2
ProblemsProblemsWhere Lenya discards visitor's language choice
Initial LanguageInitial Language for VisitorsLenya defaults to using the default languages for publications. This explains how to check a visitor's browser setting to choose the language for the homepage.
Visitors' ChoiceLetting Visitors Change LanguagesThis explains how to let visitors choose the language.
Setting Visitor LanguageUsing Visitors' Language Choice for i18nLenya uses the visitor's browser setting for i18n. This explains how to use the visitor's choice of language for everything.
Consistent URLsAlways use Language for Consistent URLsForces the default language in navigation links
XMAP i18nUsing i18n Transformations in XMAPsThe Default publication uses i18n only for error messages. This explains how to add i18n to any XMAP, and specifically where to add it for the Default publication so i18n is used for content and navigation.
i18n FilesLanguage Translation Files for i18nThis explains where the translation files are located, and how Lenya decides which files to use.
i18n File Priorityi18n Translation Files PriorityLenya uses the global translation files, and only checks a publication's translation files if the key was not found in the global files. This explains how to give priority to the publication's translation files.
i18n TranslationLanguage Translation using i18nThis explains how to use the <i18n:text> tags. It is a very good practice to use them everywhere (except where visitors choose their language.)
i18n VariablesUsing Variables with i18n
Site Design
ContentsSite DesignGeneral issues with designing Lenya websites and creating various menus
Site StructureDesigning the Structure of a WebsiteExplains translating those pesky specifications into a functional website
Static PagesStatic PagesExplains having webpages that are not on the menus
External LinksExternal Links in the MenusHow to add menu entries that open a page from an external website.
Dynamic Webpages
(Fixing Cache)
Disabling Caching for Dynamic WebpagesExplains efficiently using the cache for standard pages while disabling it so dynamic pages display correctly. This is very important!
Website MapDisplaying a Map of a Publication Instructions to display a basic map of your website.
Website Map with DescriptionsDisplaying a Map of a Publication including the Document Descriptions Instructions to display an advanced map of your website.
Link to ParentCreating a Link to the Parent of the Current DocumentExplains using the breadcrumb navigation to create a link to the parent document
Menu: Top-LevelTopLevel Menu
Menu: Section Section MenuExplains displaying the menu of all documents below the top-level document where this document belongs.
Menu: Subpages Subpages MenuExplains displaying a menu of just the children of this page (no grandchildren).
Menu: InternalAdding a Menu of the Header tags within a DocumentExplains displaying a menu of all the header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) on this document
Menu: External LinksMenu Entries Linking to External Websites
Menu Entries without DocumentsMenu Elements Not Displaying a DocumentIdeas about not opening a document when clicking on a menu entry. There is no code.
Menu GraphicsAdding Graphics to MenusExplains adding a graphic to the top-level menu entries.
Tabs: All LevelsMultiple Levels of TabsNavigation Element for showing multiple levels of tabs to the current document
ServerPagesServerPagesDefinition and Contents
How ToHow to use ServerPages (XSP) in your PublicationBasics of ServerPages
WarningCode Placement Affects OutputAbout using Java outside the top-level element in the result
ParametersUsing Parameters from an XMAP in ServerPages
VariablesStandard Variables in ServerPagesThe Request object allows access to most of Lenya's environement variables.
JPathJpath Variables
ContentsAdvanced Lenya DevelopmentHow-To's that fit on one page so they did not require their own chapters.
Multiple StylesheetsUsing Multiple Stylesheets for the Same ContentExplains how to dynamically change the stylesheet used for a document
Sitemaps & QueryStringsSitemaps & QueryStringsExample of using QueryString parameters in an XMAP. It is the original version of "Using Multiple Stylesheets for the Same Content".
SecuritySecurity - Member's Only SectionsHow to restrict access to areas of your website
Aggregate DirectoriesUsing the XpathDirectory Generator for Aggregating Multiple FilesHow to use the XpathDirectory Generator to combine many documents into a single page.
External IntegrationIntegrating external data into LenyaHow to pull data from another server and integrate it into your Lenya website
DeepestSourceFactoryDeepestSourceFactoryA Cocoon SourceFactory for finding the deepest directory on the specified path with the specified filename.
ContentsSolprovider's Search Publication
PurposePurpose of Solprovider's Search PublicationDescribes all the functional changes from the defaults and why
IssuesOutstanding Issues and Future DevelopmentDescribes known issues with the new method
Easy DownloadEasy Download of Solprovider's Search PublicationAll the files in a ZIP with instructions
LinuxSearching Publications on Unix-like Operating SystemsConcerns when using these instructions for Linux
WindowsSearching Publications on WindowsThe full detailed instructions
SecurityBlocking default searchRequired if you are using a secured area
TestingTesting SearchReturns the raw XML from a Search. It is useful to debug modifications to search-and-results.xsp
ContentsFlowIntroduction to Flow
DefinitionFlowFlow Basics
SetupFlow SetupBasic elements of Flow
Flow ProcessFlow ProcessElements required for Flow and order of operations
LanguageFixing Language in Flow
FieldsFlow Fields
PresentationFlow Presentation
i18n MessagesMessages do not use i18n
i18n Validation PopupsValidation Popups do not use i18nFixing Cocoon's Forms block to use i18n for error messages
XMAPs and XMLPassing XML between XMAPs and Flow
Contact UsContact Us Module"Contact Us" Module
Delete User ErrorError Deleting User
Create All Languages"New Document" Creates All Language Versions
Set TitleSet Title for New Documents
ContentsContent Editing with Kupu
CachingBrowser Cache Issues with Kupu
AlignmentFixing Alignment and More
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer Adds the Full Path to the URL
ContentsSpecifications for Lenya 1.5Solprovider's Suggestions for Lenya 1.5
DesignNew Design of LenyaPlans for Lenya 1.5
Terminology RulesRules for TerminologyGuidelines for creating terms
GlossaryGlossarySolprovider's Definitions for Lenya 1.2 and 1.4 (or 1.5)
ProtocolsProtocolsNew protocol list for use with JCR and Modules
ModulesModulesList of Modules needed for Lenya 1.5
RelationsTableRelationsTableMaintaining Parent-Child Relationships outside Resources
IndexesIndexesHow Indexes Work
Notes: Dev ML 1Developer Mailing List 1Notes from recent ML posts that did not fit in the Glossary
Notes: Dev ML 2Developer Mailing List 2More from Recent Posts to the MLs about the Glossary
Notes: Dev ML 3Developer Mailing List 3Even More from Recent Posts to the MLs about the Glossary
Old: Content StructureRestructuring Lenya
Old: AreaImprovement: Use Area for XMAP
Old: AssetsImprovement: Asset Management and Usage should be User-Friendly
Old: URL and Directory PathsImprovement: URL and Directory Paths
Unsolved IssuesUnsolved IssuesMy wishlist
ContentsOther StuffRandom Stuff
Bad errorsErrors Designed By Bad Programmers
CSSCascading Style Sheets
HR TagsText disappears in MSIE when using HR tags

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