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Hello World

I spend my life entertaining my brain. That has been my signature phrase for more than a decade. I am driven to be creative. I write music, lyrics, computer programs, and prose about a variety of topics. This site collects my writings about technology and business. Many were inspired by current events, and originally posted to Slashdot or ZDNet.

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My biases

I am a senior technology consultant. I have been programming computers for almost three decades. I started by writing games for the Commodore PET. I have been writing business applications since 1989. A colleague complained that I performed as a Java, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programmer; Windows, Linux, and Apache httpd administrator; business analyst. application designer, project manager, performance tuner, graphic artist, and usability expert during one week.

I think Apple computers are the best for real people, but I have never owned one. I think Microsoft Windows 98 is good for games, but Microsoft should not be allowed to write software. UPDATE: If you must use a Microsoft operating system, use Microsoft Windows 2003. I love the Unix architecture and philosophy. I expect Linux to take over the desktop as soon as one of the large players polishes it so Dell is willing to sell it on new computers.

I strongly believe that Lotus Notes is the best business application platform. Microsoft software has too many incurable bugs. OSS platforms require too much work, but are good for organizations unwilling to give money to IBM. I have deployed global business applications using Lotus Notes in less time than most projects require to gather specifications. I have professionally worked with:
- Apache httpd, Cocoon, Geronimo, Lenya, and Tomcat;
- Dot Net, IIS, Microsoft SQL, and Visual Studio;
- Lotus Notes, Domino, and LEI, and
- Oracle and SAP Portal.
Everything reinforces this perspective.

Whether you agree, think I am wrong, or just find my ideas humorous, please expect this perspective in all my writings. Enjoy.

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